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PAT(A) 1110. Complete Binary Tree (25)



1110. Complete Binary Tree (25)

Given a tree, you are supposed to tell if it is a complete binary tree.

Input Specification:

Each input file contains one test case. For each case, the first line gives a positive integer N (<=20) which is the total number

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PAT(A) 1109. Group Photo (25)



1109. Group Photo (25)

Formation is very important when taking a group photo. Given the rules of forming K rows with N people as the following:

The number of people in each row must be N/K (round down to the nearest integer), with all the extra people (if any)

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PAT(A) 1064. Complete Binary Search Tree (30)



1064. Complete Binary Search Tree (30)

A Binary Search Tree (BST) is recursively defined as a binary tree which has the following properties:

The left subtree of a node contains only nodes with keys less than the node's key. The right subtree of a node contain

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PAT(A) 1063. Set Similarity (25)



1063. Set Similarity (25)

Given two sets of integers, the similarity of the sets is defined to be Nc/Nt*100%, where Nc is the number of distinct common numbers shared by the two sets, and Nt is the total number of distinct numbers in the two sets. Your job is to

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PAT(A) 1062. Talent and Virtue (25)



1062. Talent and Virtue (25)

About 900 years ago, a Chinese philosopher Sima Guang wrote a history book in which he talked about people's talent and virtue. According to his theory, a man being outstanding in both talent and virtue must be a "sage(圣人)"; being le

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Pat(A) 1061. Dating (20)



1061. Dating (20)

Sherlock Holmes received a note with some strange strings: "Let's date! 3485djDkxh4hhGE 2984akDfkkkkggEdsb s&hgsfdk d&Hyscvnm". It took him only a minute to figure out that those strange strings are actually referring to the coded time "Thursda

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PAT(A) 1108. Finding Average (20)



1108. Finding Average (20)

The basic task is simple: given N real numbers, you are supposed to calculate their average. But what makes it complicated is that some of the input numbers might not be legal. A "legal" input is a real number in [-1000, 1000] and is ac

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PAT(A) 1107. Social Clusters (30)



1107. Social Clusters (30)

When register on a social network, you are always asked to specify your hobbies in order to find some potential friends with the same hobbies. A "social cluster" is a set of people who have some of their hobbies in common. You are suppo

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PAT(A) 1106. Lowest Price in Supply Chain (25)



1106. Lowest Price in Supply Chain (25)

A supply chain is a network of retailers(零售商), distributors(经销商), and suppliers(供应商)-- everyone involved in moving a product from supplier to customer.

Starting from one root supplier, everyone on the chain buys products

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PAT(A) 1105. Spiral Matrix (25)



1105. Spiral Matrix (25)

This time your job is to fill a sequence of N positive integers into a spiral matrix in non-increasing order. A spiral matrix is filled in from the first element at the upper-left corner, then move in a clockwise spiral. The matrix has m

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